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Grass Seed

Blue Seal offers a broad selection of lawn seed mixes shown below calculator. The right one for you is one which best matches the environmental conditions of your planting site, the way your lawn will be used and your intended lawn care practices. These questions will help you decide which lawn seed mix is right for you:

How much sun/shade does the site receive?
How much traffic (children playing, yard activities, pets) will there be?
How much time and money (fertilizer, lime, supplemental water, and mowing frequency) are you willing to spend on lawn care maintenance?
How quickly do you need the grass to come up?

Lawn Care Calculator

How much do you need? Use this handy lawn seed calculator to determine your seed, lime and fertilizer requirements.

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...and get your customized results:

* Based on the general recommendation of 50lbs per 1,000 square feet. You may want to perform a soil test to calculate the exact ratio for your lawn

* Based on the general recommendation of 10lbs per 1,000 square feet. For a children, pet and environmentally friendly fertilizer use our Safe 'N Simple® products

Blue Seal Classic Lawn Mix

Produces a rich-green, fine-textured, picturesque lawn that germinates quickly. Prefers mostly sun, but tolerates shade.

Blue Seal Early Green Lawn Mix

A quick germinating mix which also establishes rapidly. Prefers sunny sites. Ideal choice for erosion control on a sloped site or when planting season time is nearing the end. 

Blue Seal Evergreen Lawn Mix

A versatile and dependable sun and shade mix. Produces a lush dark-green lawn that thickens rapidly after germination. 

Blue Seal EZ-Green Lawn Mix

An elegant, dark-green uniform lawn with the legendary durability and low maintenance requirements of tall fescues. Once established, tolerates traffic, heat, drought, shade and poor conditioned soils, while requiring less fertilizer and water than other cool-season grasses?

Blue Seal Play Area Lawn Mix

A hardy, wide-bladed turf that withstands heavy traffic and drought. Low maintenance requirements. Tolerates sandy soil and prefers sunny to partial shade sites. 

Blue Seal Shady Area Lawn Mix

Adapted to locations with restricted light. Can survive on less than 4 hours of sunlight. Produces a fine-textured, light-green lawn. Prefers cool, moist areas.

Blue Seal Tri-Luxe Rye Mix

Quick-germinating, wear-tolerant blend of three improved perennial rye grasses that produce a fine-textured, dark-green appearance. Ideal for over seeding high-traffic areas and bare spots on home lawns, sports turf, and recreation areas.