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Hula Lula Wild Salmon Jerky for Dogs and Cats

WildSalmon jerky bag.jpg

Ingredients:  Wild Alaskan Salmon. Vitamin E.  (All human grade.)

Our Hula Lula Wild Salmon jerky treats are pure wild salmon that is MSC certified as a sustainable seafood. We sourced our salmon from FDA regulated / inspected facilities so it meets human consumption standards. All our Hula Lula Wild Salmon treats are free of artificial preservatives and additives, and byproducts. 

webassets/earth1.jpgThe natural oils in wild salmon are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.  In fact it's one of the best sources for omega 3s on the planet.  Omega 3s are great for cardivascular and joint health and immune function; healthy skin and coat; and proper brain development in puppies and kittens.  To retain the potency of the natural wild salmon oils we include just a touch of vitamin E. Nothing more.  Nothing less.

We buy the healthiest whole salmon we can find, and hand trim them. This makes a lean, protein-dense treat.  It also means there are variations in the shape of the treats.  (But we're quite certain your cat and dog won't care.)

All our Hula Lulas are super-healthy, protein-rich treats that complement very well the diets of all active cats and dogs as well as those following raw guidelines.