Poulin Grain Maintenance 16% Rabbit Pellet+

Poulin Grain Maintenance 16% Rabbit Pellet

A pelleted ration for pet, bucks, and dry doe rabbits. (Contains MOS*)

Maintenance 16 Rabbit Pellets are highly palatable and fortified to support all stages of production.

Blue Seal Hutch Plus 18 Pellets+

Blue Seal Hutch Plus 18 Pellets

(Available by special order)

Hutch Plus™ 18 is designed primarily for commercial and show rabbitries. It is formulated to meet the needs of does and litters, for optimal growth in meat rabbits, and for keeping rabbits in good condition while subjected to the stress of showing. 
Available in a 50-lb bag. 

Poulin Grain Growth 18% Rabbit Pellet+

Poulin Grain Growth 18% Rabbit Pellet

(Available by special order)

A pelleted feed for normal growth and pregnant does. (Contains MOS*)

Growth 18 Rabbit Pellets produce the finest possible results when raising rabbits for meat or show. 

Blue Seal Bunny 16- 5, 25 and 50 lb bags+

Blue Seal Bunny 16- 5, 25 and 50 lb bags

  • Fixed Formulation ensures consistent, high-quality pellets from bag to bag. This prevents sudden changes in the diet and improves digestive health and function.
  • Chelated Trace Minerals for increased bioavailability to help enhance the immune system. This is especially valuable to growing, pregnant, and nursing rabbits.
  • Supplemental Copper helps prevent diarrhea and intestinal enteritis.
  • Yeast Culture promotes healthy functional microbial fermentation for improved fiber digestion.
  • Probiotics promote a more stable digestive tract environment for improved digestion and overall rabbit health.
  • Yucca Extract aids in improved digestion and overall rabbit health.
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Essentials - Adult Rabbit Food+

Essentials - Adult Rabbit Food

All rabbits need high fiber to keep their digestive systems working properly, plus basic vitamins and minerals to maximize their health. Essentials - Adult Rabbit Food combines needed fiber with stabilized nutrients to assure a well-balanced diet when served with Oxbow loose grass hays. Oxbow Animal Health’s founder and owner John Miller created the industry’s first timothy hay-based food for rabbits and other small herbivores, the basis of Essentials - Adult Rabbit Food. Sizes: 5 lb, 10 lb, 25 lb, 50 lb.

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Essentials - Young Rabbit Food+

Essentials - Young Rabbit Food

Young rabbits need lots of fiber, as well as a good balance of protein and amino acids to keep them healthy and growing properly. Bunny Basics - Young Rabbit Food, which includes energy-dense alfalfa hay, was designed specifically to provide stabilized nutrients to keep young rabbits thriving. This feed also can be used to boost the nutrition of older rabbits with weight loss due to age or illness. Offer Bunny Basics - Young Rabbit Food in combination with Oxbow grass hays to ensure a healthy, balanced diet for young or active rabbits. Sizes: 5 lb, 10 lb, 25 lb, 50 lb.

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KAYTEE® Timothy Complete+

KAYTEE® Timothy Complete

KAYTEE® Timothy Complete™ is a nutritionally fortified daily diet made with fiber-rich, sun-cured Timothy Hay combined with other essential ingredients necessary for your Rabbit.

  • High Fiber Daily Diet, Supports Digestive Health
  • Made with Natural Timothy Hay and Added Vitamins & Minerals
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R S. Pelham, NH

   I absolutely love this place! From pet & livestock items such as chicken feed/baby chick stuff to equine, parrot, cat & dog, hamster, rabbit, wild bird.. ..you name it; they have it!

In comparing prices, they are *very* reasonable and much lower than, for instance, PetSmart or even Dodge Grain.


Suzanne G. Dunstable, MA

  This is quite an interesting place.  One can buy animal food (feed) for critters from finches to squirrels to horses and goats.  And plants, bird feeders, shrubs, seasonal stuff, tiny packets of seeds, and huge troughs for feeding cows.  They have an amazing selection.   You have to check this place out.

Lin M. Pelham, NH

We tried all kind of expensive and "natural" dog foods recommended by our vet, dog groomer and large pet store in Salem, NH. Nothing worked. We even resorted to probiotics at $25 pop.  Talking to someone at Beaver Valley and they recommended this line that they carried. Hallelujah! It worked.

Keran P. Salem, NH

Just moved to Pelham and VERY excited to find high quality dog food and treats at a reasonable price.  Friendly, helpful staff.  Thanks Beaver farm!

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