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Blue Seal


Formulated for a Lifetime of Health at Affordable Price Points!

Dogs hold a unique place in our hearts as well as our homes. Whether we enjoy them as members of the family, service and support animals, guardians of our security, partners in working livestock, or outdoor sporting competitors, they are our special companions. At Blue Seal, we deliver quality foods that adhere to the highest standards of pet nutrition that not only match their stage of life, but the activities they enjoy.

Blue Seal Lamb and Rice Dog Food+

Blue Seal Lamb and Rice Dog Food

Highly-digestible lamb protein paired with carbohydrates from rice provide a great protein alternative for adult dogs - suitable for dogs with food sensitivities to poultry, beef, or fish. Available in 20-lb and 40-lb bags.

Blue Seal Pork and Barley Dog Food

Formulated with a nutritious single meat protein and healthy whole grains. Our Pork & Barley Flavor contains no poultry, beef, or fish, and no corn, wheat, or soy. Great for dogs of all life stages. Available in 20-lb and 40-lb bags.

Blue Seal Dog Krunchies+

Blue Seal Dog Krunchies

Features & Benefits:
• High Quality Protein for great Taste

Crude Protein, Min. 21.0%
Crude Fat, Min. 10.0%

• Naturally Preserved – No Artificial Colors or Flavors

• No Soy - for Dogs that may have Sensitivity to Soy

• Chelated Trace Minerals – Promote a Sound Immune System and Metabolic Health
• Yeast Culture – Aids in Nutrient Utilization

Not recommended for Puppies, pregnant, lactating or working dogs  Blue Seal recommends  Blue Seal® Natural 26™, Puppy, Active, Performance or Pork & Barley Flavor Dog Formulas.

Blue Seal Natural 26 Dog Food+

Blue Seal Natural 26 Dog Food

Features and Benefits
26.0% Protein & 12.0% Fat - Formulated for the
energy needs of working and active dogs.
Meat Protein is the First Ingredient - Protein comes
from meat not grain, resulting in increased palatability and
protein quality. 
No Soy - Some dogs have sensitivities to soy.
No Chemical Preservatives, Artificial Colors, or
Flavors - For a healthier, more natural food.
Chelated Trace Minerals - Chelated minerals are
more absorbable during digestion.
Yeast Culture - Aids in a healthy digestive system.